Literacy is a tool of liberation.

No child should be at the mercy of the state to learn to read and write. We must center homes and communities and empower every one with an understanding of the literacy instruction process. It is a human right.

While it's been said time and time again that "parents are the first teachers," too often parents aren't given the frameworks and skills to teach their children to read. Without the proper knowledge base, many parents feel incapable and are left to
center school as their source and/or pay for third party services in order to learn. Both are problematic and inequitable options as they lead to privilege to the children with better teachers or better resources.

All parents and caregivers should have a clear understanding of the early literacy instruction process.

This course delivers that.

The Science of Reading

What everyone should know.

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Example Curriculum

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It's time to decenter systems and center humanity. For 15 years, I have been teaching both educators and parents, in person and virtually. This free offer is my response to the times. We cannot afford to rely on systems to develop our youth, protect us, or act in our best interest. They will never. We must develop ourselves as as our personal, familial, and community resources.

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